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Peaceful Home Gift Pack

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Crystal Fusion Broome

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Moving in to a new home or office? Need a gift for a house worming or just because you want that peaceful home feeling.

Our 7 piece gift set gives you just that. Our Peaceful Home set is made up of the following:-

1 x Large Jar Peaceful Home Candle

1 x 125ml Peaceful Home Room Spray

1 x Palo Santo Wood Smudging Stick

1 x Small Selenite Clearing Wand

1 x Small Amethyst Crystal Cluster

1 x Large Blue Lace Agate Tumbled stone

1 x Small Ocean Japer Tumbled stone


Amethyst - Protection - Peace - Tranquillity

Selenite - Calming - Clearing - Deep Peace

Blue Lace - Nurturing - Peaceful - Relaxing

Ocean Jasper - Relaxation - Co-Operation - Harmony